I'm a designer & art director with a midwest work ethic and east coast sensibilities. Whatever that means.

But I almost became a politician. This was due in part to getting elbowed in the face by Bill Clinton at a campaign rally in 1992, albeit accidentally (his words), but in larger part to breaking the 7th grade Sit & Reach record. At the time I assumed the Presidential Physical Fitness test was implemented to determine which of America's youth were fit enough for political office. Fast-forward five years to when I was waitlisted at UW-Madison and decided I might be better suited for a degree in design and a career in advertising. This was probably the best possible outcome for myself and Americans everywhere.

My first job was branding startups at a small shop in Madison, Wisconsin. This required as much brand strategy thinking and writing as it did art direction and design, so I developed a passion for fostering and managing brands holistically. I've worked as a copywriter at times and can deliver a killer best man speech, but my heart belongs to kerning and PANTONE colors. I pride myself on using common sense to convey a message instead of smoke and mirrors. I seek to develop meaningful relationships with clients and, not gonna lie, don't mind winning a few awards along the way.