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The United Adworkers was founded in 2001 by some of Milwaukee's leading names in advertising with the aim of bringing Milwaukee's creative community together through social events like the annual Milwaukee 99 Award Show, intramural sports leagues such as bowling and softball, and countless guest speakers from around the world. But membership growth slowed after fifteen years, and some wondered if the Adworkers community could do more to reach a new generation of creative professionals.

Like many creatives, I enjoy the occasional theoretical rebrand. So one sunny summer morning back in 2015 I sat down at my desk and began working on what I thought could be a new visual identity for United Adworkers. Before long I had a logo I was satisfied with, so I reached out to the founder of United Adworkers (who also happened to be my boss at the time), and he embraced the new direction almost immediately.

With the approval of the board we began crafting the rest of the brand, including a much needed new website. In an effort to create buzz around the launch of the new brand, we started teasing it with posts including the original logo with an "FPO" over it and obscure messaging. Some caught on and unleashed their displeasure with a potential new logo on social media, only helping our cause.

At the 2016 membership drive, the most attended membership drive yet, we launched the new identity with a promo video, tons of swag, and lots of $2 PBR tallboys.

AdworkersLogosArtboard 1 copy 3.jpg
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