You learn a lot and your opinions will evolve during your time in this industry, but you should never claim to have all the answers; just the passion to seek them out and continue educating yourself while also learning from those who have been here before.

Below is a list of things I've come to believe in and stand by. You might not agree with all of them, but that's okay. In fact, it's great. The best ideas come from a change in perspective. Stand up for what you believe in, but keep an open mind.



The most important thing for a brand is to stay top of mind. Make memorable advertising.

It's important to challenge the status quo. Embrace change and push for new ideas and thinking.

We use our eyes to see, hands to touch, ears to hear, tongue to taste, and nose to smell. All design is usability design.

Every agency should hire a full-time concept artist.

Creative Directors should be able to recognize quality art & copy, not just one or the other.

Being a good leader means identifying people's strengths and delegating accordingly.

Pitching multiple concepts is a great way to sell a second-rate idea.

My body of work suffers from Dysmorphic Disorder. I'm barely happy with any of it.

The most important quality to possess in advertising, and in life, is an open mind.

Bigger budgets usually lead to higher quality work. Not always, but usually.

Creative individuals and agencies are only as good as their most recent work.

Jony Ive should stick to product design.

Clients and agencies alike think too much. Trust your instincts and pivot when necessary.

Consumers don't trust facts, they trust their feelings. Sell with emotion, not rationale.

Logos should still translate effectively to one color, even in the 21st Century.

Consumers buy products to attain a certain lifestyle. Sell lifestyles.

The best clients will let you make more than ads.

No ad or idea should require smoke, mirrors, or heaping spoonfuls of bullshit to be sold in.

The left lane is for passing only.

What worked yesterday might not work tomorrow. Keep innovating.

It's important to say "no" early and often. Especially to clients. It leads to better work.

The best advertising is subversive and runs counter to culture.

Skills and abilities can be taught. Drive and ambition cannot. Seek hungry talent.

Humor can sell anything.

Internal competition is healthy and necessary, but a purposeful lack of communication is deadly.

Never skimp on production. The quality of an idea can only take an ad or campaign so far.

Timeless trumps trendy.

Video content will rule the advertising industry for a long time, if not forever.

Lee Harvey Oswald was the only shooter, but was part of a scheme involving the Russian and Cuban governments, and the Dallas Mafia.

It's okay to want to win awards. This is advertising, an industry built on recognition.

Don't speak to consumers, speak to who consumers want to be.