The Momentus Project

JFK's Assassination

I'm a huge fan of history, in particular US history. Not sure how or why, but my high school AP History teacher would probably laugh at me if I said that to her. All I remember is her saying something about being doomed to repeat something if I didn't something or other. Oh well.

I also love design as you might be able to tell. So a few years ago I thought I'd invite some of my friends and design idols to participate in a collaborative project highlighting some of the most momentous events in United States history.

In addition to my history and design fetishes I also find the circumstances surrounding JFK's assassination fascinating, so I chose that event for my submission. The first image below is the final piece. Those below it are pieces I decided against.

Be sure to check out the full site for all the others. They're incredible and I'm forever appreciative of the support and contributions from those who participated in the project.