Evan is the type of person that makes you remember why we do what we do. His own personal standard of work makes you raise your own standard. He walks a unique line of leadership and collaborative supporter which is incredibly valuable. He knows when to take charge and get something done, and more importantly, when to step back and let something develop. He has an ability to take a concept, no matter how wild, and turn it into something that can be sold and created. Evan can be demanding, and he can be stubborn. However both of those traits come from a passion for great creative, with the best interests of the work and his team in mind. He is a tried and true creative.

Matt McNulty
Sr. Art Director at Arnold Worldwide


A lot of creatives talk about being a dual-threat because they can stumble through both Word and Photoshop. Not Evan. He's the real deal. From the moment Evan pulled me in to my first project while I was an intern at Planet Propaganda it was clear he had the skills to not only concept, not only design, not only write a headline, but do them all together and sell the idea through, to boot (add in the ability to foster junior talent and direct creative, for good measure). He's also been a guide for me in my career proving that it's okay to bat above your age and tout a portfolio of veteran quality work even as a younger, hungrier creative.

Steve Horn
Copywriter at Digitas


Evan Stremke is a creative force to be reckoned with. His remarkable track record and impressive portfolio are testaments to his sharp mind and thought leadership. Evan challenges the norm and displays a highly refined mastery of each project's "big idea" and the power of a well-written brand narrative. His ability to integrate elements of comedy and human emotion into every campaign gives an important heartbeat to all of his projects. I recommend Evan and his strategic mind without hesitation.

Andrew Pauly
Social Media at Bill Nye's The Planetary Society


I followed Evan's beautiful and timeless work long before he came to BVK. Once I found out I would get the opportunity to work alongside him, I was floored. Evan's work is intentional. Smart. Relevant. He's way ahead of his years and some are intimidated by that, but any team would be extremely lucky to have his expertise and passion for both writing and design. He is a true leader and will always fight for standout creative.

Kelsey Barnowsky
Freelance Art Director & Designer


Very few people have the opportunity to work with a human like Evan. I had the pleasure of working with him for almost two years at bvk where we collaborated on several projects. I am particularly impressed by Evan's ability to present work and I was always in awe of his ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas—even people who were initially on completely different pages. No matter how tense a meeting, Evan made sure everyone left with a smile. He is very quick with the funny jokes. As a team member or a leader, I would give him a solid A.

Bryan Padovano
Art Director at R/West


I had the opportunity to work directly with Evan when he approached me asking if he could work on a rebrand for United Adworkers, the best ad club in the nation. He approached us. Wasn't asked. This shows how passionate he is about the advertising community and the work. Evan worked with the team to unveil our new brand identity and a revamped website. Thank you for your hard work and passion for advertising, Evan.

Laura Gainor
Executive Director at United Adworkers