The Broadmoor

RFP Response

The Broadmoor Resort in Colorado Springs has referred to itself as "The Most Unique Resort in the World" since it first welcomed John D. Rockefeller through its doors in 1918—and for good reason. Nestled into The Rockies, The Broadmoor offers world-class golfing, dining, entertainment and hospitality that's second to none.

But in the early 2000s The Broadmoor saw a decline in reservations and length of average stay as many of their former attractions had closed down. In an effort to reclaim their status as the most unique resort in the world they began remodeling and constructing new mainstays on their campus, but their advertising needed to do a better job of reflecting these changes.

As part of the RFP response process we discovered that The Broadmoor—with its massive offering of new restaurants, corporate meeting spaces, and The Wilderness Experience which includes Cloud Camp, the Fishing Camp, and the Ranch at Emerald Valley, all isolated in the American West—was really a world of its own.

In addition to the brand platform "Stay in our world" we established a new art direction and even cleaned up their primary logo as well as the rest of the logo family to create a more unified look.