Image by Luke Chesser

A Better Best Buy

The most recent iteration of the Best Buy logo design leaves room for improvement.

Photo by Danielle Allwein.
Originally called Sound of Music Superstore, Best Buy has become a leader in retail electronics. And while the 2018 logo redesign does a nice job maintaining their bold and clean aesthetic, it leaves room for improvement.
Using a photo of the cabin as a reference, I combined some background elements like trees and a mountain with a snowy foreground to give the logo its own unique contour and shape as opposed to housing it within a badge.
I showcased the long solid side of the cabin to keep things simple and omitted small details like shutters and window sashes to ensure the logo can be replicated at small sizes without much trouble.
Danielle and Trey will eventually build a larger home on their property and turn The Shredaway into a guest house and possibly an Airbnb, so I designed some things to deck out the place for guests.
Interior + Home Goods
Maybe one day Danielle and Trey will move permanently and become full-time hosts and develop a cult following of former guests willing to rep Shredaway swag on slopes around the world, but until then they can at least give custom scarves, sweatshirts, patches, and stickers to their friends and family who visit.