Big ideas executed simply.

I always thought I'd become a politician.

This was due in large part to breaking the 7th grade Sit & Reach record. At the time I assumed the Presidential Physical Fitness test was implemented to determine which American youths were fit enough for political office.

But then I was waitlisted at UW-Madison and decided I might be better suited for a degree in design and a career in advertising. This was probably the best possible outcome for myself, and Americans everywhere.

I started my career branding startups, but my first project as a writer came when, instead of using Greek for an ad I was designing, I wrote my own copy. Lorem ipsum be damned! 

I pride myself on using common sense to sell ideas instead of smoke and mirrors, and taking a holistic approach to creative—from copywriting and concepting to branding and design—because no aspect of a brand should be overlooked.

I try to incorporate new technology trends (and humor) into my work, but I still love me a good, honest and simple commercial spot or print ad. New business pitches are my jam.


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