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Magazine advertisements, out-of-home billboards, transit station signage, concert posters and even some branded collateral and apparel—it's all here in the print section.

BAUER Hockey

BAUER placed ads in a variety of hockey publications and bought a good number of outdoor placements around key markets like Minneapolis or at big events like the All-Star game. Whenever a new version of a stick or skate was released, I served as the lead art director on all creative.

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Truexterior by BORAL is some of the most durable poly-ash siding on the market. While working as an ACD at Sleek Machine, I wrote the headlines and support copy in addition to designing the layouts for a series of print ads highlighting the product's durability.

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Versetta Stone

Versetta Stone is another remarkable product from BORAL. It's a mortarless stone veneer you can install using only woodworking tools. It's a game changer in the masonry and construction industries, and the whole process is a piece of cake. Here again I wrote the copy and laid out the print ad compositions.

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Irish Setter Boots

Red Wing Shoes had been tapping Planet Propaganda's creative team for a few years when I joined the fray. One of my first print projects ever in my life was on their line of hunting boots. Dave Taylor set the art direction and I worked as the designer of the layouts.

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Maine Office of Tourism

Maine's Office of Tourism had been partnering with BVK for a couple of years when I became part of the team. They were transitioning away from the platform of "The Maine Thing" and were in need of another strategy. Our research showed that people in Maine felt free to express and be their true selves. So our team came up with the "This is ME" campaign.

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Promptu Urgent Care

CHRISTUS Health was starting a line of Urgent Care clinics to ease the burden on their Emergency Room departments, but they still wanted the care to feel more immediate than typical urgent care clinics. Throughout every client meeting and team interaction, I kept hearing people say "it's somewhere between…" before trying to offer up an explanation. Eventually, I pitched this common phrase as the campaign platform and the work flowed.

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