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Evan Stremke is a Creative, Art Director and Designer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He is passionate about creating advertising campaigns, brand identities, video content, and user experiences.

I'm a creative professional with experience leading multidisciplinary teams, shaping brand narratives and delivering strategic campaigns that are both measurably effective and on-brief, as well as a passion for seeking deep consumer insights, a commitment to staying current with industry trends and an unrelenting attention to detail.


Client experience includes healthcare and education, travel and tourism, consumer goods and sporting goods, quick-service and fast food restaurants, home and garden, building and construction, SAAS and tech, nonprofits and startups, finance and logistics.


My background is in graphic design and art direction. I have a deep knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Lightroom, XD, Figma, Canva, as well as Squarespace, Wix and Webflow, and other apps like Miro, Notion, and most of Google's and Microsoft's suites.


I'm great at keeping it real with clients with down-to-earth communication style, leaning on teamwork skills to keep junior creatives focused on problem solving after hitting project roadblocks, and learning the aspects of other people's jobs that add value to the creative process.


Some may know me as a stickler for grid systems, adhering to "rules" for the sake of consistency and efficiency (but knowing when the gamble is worth it to break them), and developing habits that lead to high-quality and highly organized files.


Skills & Competencies

Creative, Art and Design Direction

Brand Platforms & Strategy

Advertising & Marketing Campaigns

Photography & Videography

Color, Typography and Icon Systems

Breaking Up Project Logjams

Project & Creative Operations Mgmt.

Moodboarding & Concepting

Social Media & Content Production

Voiceover Work & Copywriting

Team Leadership & Mentoring

Keepin' It Real with Clients


My wife and I have always found ourselves seeking a creative outlet in addition to our 9–5 creative jobs. In 2018, we started collecting our orphaned concepts and random thoughts, and eventually channeled them into an online shop where we sell custom apparel and home goods.


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