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A collection of logos, visual identities and even the occasional creative standards and guidelines deck I've worked on as an Art Director and Freelance Designer.

Amazon Freight

Amazon is a small mom-and-pop operation based out of the Pacific Northwest. Their humble fleet of truck drivers were in need of their own brand identity, but one that still fit within the overall Amazon brand framework. At Manifesto, we collaborated with their internal team on developing proper messaging, graphic assets, and setting the tone for their marketing assets.

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Paylocity wanted to leave behind their endearing half-apple/half-orange logo, but keep the essence of it intact. The end result creates a lot of visual movement and provides a flexible design system for a multitude of platforms and applications.

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Pancheros Mexican Grill

Pancheros Mexican Grill was wanting to freshen up its visual identity, and we at Planet Propaganda thought it best to leave behind the sombrero and lean into the one singular truth behind the brand: the fact that they're the only burrito shop where they mix up the fillings. So we built the entire brand around "Bob the Tool." In Bob we trust!

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Threevolts is a production company based in Minneapolis. They came to Modern Climate for a refreshed brand identity–primarily a logo they could build around. I've always been fascinated with illusions and brain puzzlers, so I added some voltage a Penrose Triangle.

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Harvest Group

Harvest Group is a retail broker—meaning they help brands and companies find and acquire shelf space in major stores like Walmart and Kroger. Their old identity felt too tech-forward, and didn't evoke their personable approach. We took inspiration from the natural landmarks in their hometown of Rogers, AR. View the brand guidelines.

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Urban Light Foundation

The Urban Light foundation aims to shed light on the often forgotten issue of sex slavery in Thailand—particularly when it comes to young boys. In an effort to embrace a more authentic visual identity that would better resonate with locals, I proposed a new visual identity which leveraged color palettes typically seen in Thai markets and constructed a logo mark out of Thai letterforms.

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Saint Francis Brewing Co.

When I first moved back to Milwaukee after a few years living in Boston, I became a frequent customer at the craft brewery down the street from my house. I became such a fan of their beer I couldn't resist pitching them a new logo and identity. Unfortunately the COVID-19 pandemic forced them to close their doors before I could send them a deck.

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Trueblood Performing Arts Center

There's a small island off the northern tip of Wisconsin's Door County, and it's only accessible by ferry. On this island you'll find a small, but mighty nonprofit group that operates out of the Trueblood Performing Arts Center. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they shut down and used it as an opportunity to reevaluate their brand and website needs. I provided a comprehensive new suite of assets.

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Gilles Frozen Custard

Milwaukee is home to more than one world famous custard stand—the oldest of which dates back to 1933. And their brand identity, while endearing in a Midwestern way, was showing its age. So I cleaned up and vectorized their logo, modernized their typography system, and designed a suite of additional graphics to go with the updated identity.

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South Park Rail Society

My parents first got involved as volunteers for the South Park Rail Society in the early 2000's—rehabbing the old Como, Colorado train depot and Roundhouse. Since then, I've continued to provide branded collateral, website updates, and eventually proposed this sweeping redesign of their brand identity.

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United Adworkers

United Adworkers was founded in 2001 to support the Milwaukee advertising community. Since then, the organization has hosted some of the biggest names in the industry as guest speakers as well as guest judges at their annual award show celebrating our humble city's undeniable creative talent. In 2015, I proposed a rebrand to help modernize the organization, and have since been involved in the clubs a board member and volunteer.

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Youngest Child LLC

I've been freelancing here and there since 2008—and my financial advisor eventually suggested forming an LLC to make my life easier. My personal LLC branding showcases my passion for both civic duty and politics, as well as my fascination with design and engineering. I call it the "Vitruvian Eagle" and it's been serving me well.

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