For over a decade, my primary website has been where potential employers and coworkers could review my professional work and assess my aptitude as a designer and creative employee. It was full of large images and videos intended to catch a viewer's eye and pull them in. It included my employment history and a list of valuable and applicable (albeit entirely expected) skills. And yet, despite acknowledging that I will always feel a sort of portfolio dysmorphia, my website still never felt as fully realized as I thought it could be.

So instead, I decided to make a website for me. Not for recruiters or senior management. Not for art directors or copywriters. Not for friends or family. For me. A website where I can track the important details of my life in a way that satisfies my obsessive tendency to chronicle, catalog, and categorize information. A website where I can still showcase my portfolio of work, yes, but where my portfolio of work is not the sole defining element of my identity. A website where I can host my photography (a passion of mine that has slipped away in recent years). A website where I can share playlists of my favorite music or podcast suggestions. A website where I can share my written thoughts and opinions on topics beyond just graphic design and advertising. A website that ends up being what I had always hoped every social network would have been: an honest reflection of who I am. 

My hope, however, is that in some strange way this tool I'm creating specifically for myself will eventually become a useful tool for others in understanding my personality and identity. I just don't want to start with others as the audience in my mind because I know it would lead to inauthentic and disappointing results.

And, as an attempt to commit myself to learning in public and designing in the open, I'll be building this site on a platform I'm mostly unfamiliar with: Editor X. So it might be a little slow-going at first and the site might be a little rough around the edges as you browse, but I encourage you to come back every now and again to see how things are evolving. This website will eventually serve as the main hub for anyone interested in learning more about me (and, of course, my work as a designer).


In the meantime, if you want to see my old site just click here.